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At the heart of Emerald Resource Group’s vibrant culture is a proven set of core values that reap a dedicated commitment to results.  Our goal is to make a difference in everything we do.


Our Team:

  • Embodies tenacity  & persistence
  • Does the right thing.
  • Maintains optimism.
  • Thirsts for learning more!
  • Focuses on family and a work/life balance.


Meet us.


Mark Krusinski

Phone: 440-627-6904
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Specialties: Java Developers, Architects, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents of Software

With over 28 years in the recruiting field- patience and balance is truly his virtue! Mark runs a full desk, trains/mentors the team, and STILL finds time to stay immersed in his own professional and personal growth. Outside of work- he’s a husband, father of four, head swim coach for Brecksville-Broadview Heights, and avid contributor to the community.

Bragging rights (though he’s a big slice of humble pie) include- Cleveland State graduate, Certified Personal Consultant (CPC Certified), member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, has appeared on PBS and NBC, presented at IT Talent CIO Symposium’s, Computerworld, Ohio & National Associates of Staffing, and PC Weekly.

“I believe that you can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough people get what they want.”

Fact: Mark’s coined phrase: “Did I catch you, okay?’ is the most contagious, and down right, considerate phrase now used around the office.

Keith Butte

Phone: 440-627-6909
Connect: Linkedin
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‘Guru of all things,’ is probably more fitting for Keith’s title.  Extremely task-oriented and usually knee-deep in financials, he keeps Emerald’s ship sailing at full speed. Previous experience in financial services includes- hospitality, wealth management, and equity research. A Cleveland State University grad and a father of two daughters, when’s he not at work or out for a run, you’ll most likely find Keith and his wife Doreen at either an Irish dance performance or swim meet.

Fact: Yes, he’s a screenplay writer. And maybe- just maybe- he missed a two-a-days practice in high school for a handbell, church competition.

Ryan Pinney

Phone: 919-424-0812
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Specialties: Open Source Software, Java / Development, Architecture, Quality, Automation, Project Management & Leadership

Ryan has veteran success in the search industry for 10 years. His previous experiences as both a hiring manager and corporate recruiter give him a unique perspective on the search process and a definitive approach to his own. He’s extremely analytical; always researching the triangle and industry trends. He’s pretty even keeled, but you might catch him getting enthusiastic about big hair or 90’s grunge rock.

He has a wife, 2 young children and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Ohio Northern University. He enjoys new technologies, spending time with his family, and remains continuously focused on living debt free!

Alex Krusinski

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Alex is both a wealth of knowledge and team archeologist for Emerald. It’s his role to uncover the client’s perspective of the perfect candidate, per search, and then deliver time and time again. He strategically crafts job descriptions and maintains an active web presence to attract and funnel candidates of precise caliber to the appropriate recruiter. Alex also remains current in search tactics, staying immersed in top-of-the line training, specific to hard-to-find talent.

While we appreciate his task-oriented nature and analytical approach day in and day out, its Alex’s eclecticism that truly makes him a unique asset to the crew. He balances involvement with Toastmasters; is an award winning founder of Miami University’s Starcraft League; boasts enthusiasm for board games and his Volvoc30; prefers no shoes around the office; seeks to future travels beyond the states – having already visited China, Japan, and studied abroad in Korea for 6 months. He’s proud of his life’s variety and accomplishments thus far and only hopes to keep adding to the list.

Tom Gaebelein

Phone: 614-246-8512
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Developers, Database Administrators, Managers/Leads

Tom yields a combined 15 years of vibrant account management, sales, and recruiting experience. He’s a man with a very refreshing, direct approach- he prides himself in being upfront with process, in asking succinct questions, and in generating matter-of-fact responses. Candidates can appreciate the openness and clients are confident he’s best representing them. Those closest to Tom can vouch for this same kind of loyalty, tenacity, and overall intuitiveness even beyond the work place. Maybe it’s the ‘Buckeye blood’ in him that instilled such consistency… He’s a proud graduate of The Ohio State University, and truly enjoys recruiting within the geographical territory of his Alma Mater.

Tom is married and sees parenting as one of his biggest accomplishments to date.

Office chatter: Tom wins the award for the ‘most active’ in the office. He’s a habitual pacer, from the moment he turns on his headset and averages at least 10 miles a day while walking and talking to candidates and clients throughout the day.

Tim Frajter

Phone: 440-627-6905
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Software Engineering, Infrastructure- Cloud/Security

With an academic engineering mindset, coupled by a robust 25 years of Fortune 500 executive sales strategy- Tim brings a level of professionalism and drive to the recruiting business that’s unique and successful to the IT industry. Upon understanding a company’s big-picture vision and needs, he’s quick to outline topline objectives and approach a thorough search. He’s skilled in selecting high-impacting talent for both permanent and contracting opportunities.

Married with a family of three, there’s not a season that goes by that Tim’s life doesn’t involve athletics. Whether coaching or attending, he’s an avid supporter for a variety of sports. The Emerald team enjoys his ability to find humor in the day to day grind and his loyalty to Northeast Ohio, with strong residing roots and degrees attained from both Cleveland State University (BA in Mechanical Engineering) and Case Western Reserve University (MBA).

Audrey Prinzbach

Phone: 440-627-6912
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Program/Project Managers, Architects, Test Leads, Big Data

With over 20 combined years in sales and recruitment industry, Audrey is a one-of-a-kind, powerhouse at Emerald. We mean it! She has the uncanny ability to empathize with each candidate and hiring manager she meets, uncover underlying needs, and deliver results that are substantial and lasting. Her creativity is worth noting- Audrey is always on the prowl for leads, ideas & inspiration both in and out of the workplace. She is a fused glass artist extraordinaire and has juried several art shows. Her giant organic garden and specially crafted hot-sauce is the envy of all foodies.

Devoted to service, Audrey is readily involved in church/community projects, mentoring women, and doting on her beautiful daughters, Ariana and Sierra.

Fact: This Mama Bear may tear up, if she finds out you’re sick with a head cold :)

Lance Harmon

Phone: 919-424-1333
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Developers, Quality Assurance

Born in Germany and raised in a military home, it’s as if Lance was born to reap stamina and steadfastness. That’s what we most admire about him. Eight years thus far in recruiting, it’s evident by his process that Lance really wants to succeed! He continues to contribute to high performing teams and be mentored by some of the industry’s best leaders. Lance is always quick to identify daily goals, adapt and refine to the day’s changes, and is conscious of ways to improve when necessary. Quiet and contemplative when in the planning mode, yet engaging and quite humorous when in conversation- IT candidates (and colleagues!) find it easy to open up to him.

A Kent State graduate and sports enthusiast- Lance also has quite the soft spot for his wife and nine year old cat. You can find him mentoring young wrestlers from time to time at his high school alma mater… and throwing out a few good impersonations around the office, too.

Kelly Tonsetic

Phone: 440-627-6570
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Developers, Administrative/Support, Production

A bit feisty, and furiously compassionate, Kelly is mission-minded and in the industry to truly influence lives. She keeps oversight on a considerable amount- tasked with recruiting, managing administrative and corporate initiatives for Emerald. She also routinely networks on Emerald’s behalf with local professional groups. A passionate relationship-builder and connector, Kelly is always finding ways to make introductions and establish common grounds within her circles. Nevertheless, whether it’s behind the scenes or front line work, she aims to execute with diligence.

A Capital University graduate, Kelly is an active Big Sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters, volunteer teacher with Junior Achievement, and Startingbloc Fellow. She stays committed to various ministries within her church community and when given the chance, jumps at the opportunity to travel and visit friends. She’s even acquired a hefty thimble collection – after visiting all 50 states and some outlying countries.

Drew Barendt

Phone: 440-627-6921
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Specialties: Second Tier ERP, Developers, Engineers/Admins

Drew brings a unique vantage point that no one else at Emerald can offer: raised in an IT-centric family, he is among his father, brother, and three uncles who have all planted roots in the space, yet strategically enough, the only recruiter! Combining his tech-blood + studies in psychology/education at Cleveland State- he’s systematic, investigative, and remarkably patient. Understanding the job comes naturally to Drew; it’s uncovering a candidate’s personality, motivations for change, and underlying passions that really peak his interest. Similarly, Drew enjoys establishing connections with hiring managers. He values their partnership and insight within every step of the recruiting process.

Beyond work, Drew stays active in sports/fitness activities and spending time with his fiancé, Jess & their Siberian husky, Benz.

Biggest personal accomplishment? “Outside of getting engaged… it’s yet to come. I’m always striving to be better and accomplish more.”

What do we like about Drew? He’s awfully proud of his 2 ninja turtles on display at his desk and has the type of ‘kind’ sarcasm that could kill.

Vicky Filippi

Phone: 440-627-6920
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Contractors/Direct Placement- Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, Sales

Emulating a true zeal for life, Vicky’s character correlates exceptionally well within the IT recruitment industry. With an approach that is both purposeful and bold, she goes the extra mile in client management. “I truly focus on building relationships with clients, so I can better understand their needs and type of resource they look for- on a professional AND personal level. It’s my goal to be able to save them time by presenting only candidates they will want to hire.” Twenty plus years of experience, Vicky is no stranger to results that are lasting, and commonly a catalyst of business retention and customer service.

Fun fact: It’s been proven- spend five minutes with Vicky and you’re forever in her memory. No need to repeat your phone number or your dogs’ names… she has the uncanny ability to establish a connection, no matter how unique it may be!

Vicky cherishes family, husband Paul and three college-attending triplets- Paul, Sarah and Stephanie. They have two rescue dogs,  Boo and Cooper. When she’s not tending to work or family, Vicky is either elbows deep cooking a new recipe or working out burning off those calories she just consumed. She is also a member of the AOK Club (Acts of Kindness) at her church and enjoys helping to put on their Annual Octogenarian Brunch.

Rich Baxendell

Phone: 412-208-0230
Connect: Linkedin
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Specialties: Contractors- Leading Edge and Legacy

True to the recruiting industry, it was both timing and the term, ‘who you know’ that launched Rich from a rather diverse beginning- studying English Literature at IUP, playing soccer in Phoenix, and managing/ DJing at a large Tempe nightclub- into a successful 20+ years of IT recruitment. He’s forever grateful for his college friend’s introduction into the field and Emerald couldn’t be more thrilled to benefit from his gained wisdom and work ethic. With all gusto and determination, Rich currently spearheads both contract and project-based recruitment at Emerald, for leading edge and legacy technology. He thoroughly enjoys the challenge of a new search and the ability to positively impact the lives of candidates and clients in securing a match.

Reading, sports, and music remain his passions – along with raising a family. Rich and wife Megan are most proud of their two children in college- Tierney and Miles. He is also readily involved in coaching youth soccer and Olympic development.


Phone: 440-627-6599
Connect: Linkedin
Contact Dave

Specialties: Quality Assurance, Test Engineers, Managers

Dave offers over three decades of technical recruiting experience, exemplifying a strong reputation for integrity, hard work and enthusiasm. His positive energy is contagious, in celebrating the successes of each day. Whether he connected with a candidate or a long time hiring partner- Dave is truly grateful for every exchange and always proceeds with intentional next steps. It’s also evident that Dave has a passion for mentoring his colleagues. He is quick to humbly share in his experiences, so that others can benefit and improve their own practices.

Dave is married with three daughters and a grandson Max – his life’s pride and joy. He has a love for the outdoors and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

John Manila

Phone: 614-246-8511
Connect: Linkedin
Contact John

Specialties: Developers, Business Analysts, Program Analysts

John is a man of proven integrity- in process and service. With twenty-four years of recruiting experience and numerous accolades under his belt, clients and candidates are quick to recognize that when he’s on the search, he truly gives 100%. Maybe it’s the years of piano lessons and taekwondo discipline; or is it the Boy Scout kicking in? (John is a local scout leader for Troop 526.) Nevertheless, his attention to detail, ability to cut straight to the need, and overarching drive to succeed for the greater good is inspiring and extremely heartfelt.

What do we like about John? You’ll almost always walk away encouraged from a conversation with him. Humility is his middle name. He is also an incredible pacesetter- John aims for consistency both inside and outside the workplace. Lastly, it’s obvious- his children mean the world to him.

Sharon Winkler

Phone: 440-627-6923
Connect: Linkedin
Contact Sharon

Specialties: ERP, Developers, Supply Chain

A bubbly, breath of fresh air, Sharon brings a spirit of optimism and energy that is unlike anyone else on the Emerald team. She’s appreciative and rather accustomed to the sales cycle- and has never once found her herself in a role outside of it. Sharon enjoys the constant continuity in meeting new people within recruiting. Connecting the dots and influencing the direction of companies both large and small through the placement process- never loses its luster! Most importantly, she’s organized and dedicated to the search 100%.  Clients and candidates can rely on her quick feedback and follow-up.

Sharon has a love for cooking, recycling/refurbishing old furniture, and is committed to personal fitness. She holds her personal best in the San Diego half marathon and is definitely the only one here who can ace a back-hand spring. And yes- she’s 5 feet tall. Small, but surely mighty.

Office consensus: The week that Sharon was on vacation was the week that NO one laughed in the office.

Phone: 440-627-6575
Connect: Linkedin
Contact Luther

Specialties: Unix/Linux Engineers, Admins, Developers

Luther’s background and education is proof that he tends to approach his career a little differently than most. His choice in recruiting wasn’t because of a strong interest in search, as much as it was rooted in a genuine interest in people. He credits his father, a military minister, for the ‘gift of gab’ and having a strong passion for service and conversation. During his previous experience in banking, he was known by his clients for prompt, affable replies and a tenacity for their best interests. He also spent a large portion of  professional development counseling youth and adults, learning that listening actively is rare; he truly believes listening is the key to success in the people business and it’s something he always delivers.

Biggest personal accomplishment: “Receiving an email from an at-risk youth I worked extensively with while at PEP (a center for troubled kids and teens). He wanted me to know I played a huge role in helping him graduate and eventually gain employment. I consider his happiness a fantastic accomplishment in my life.”



*Photography: Tim Mirande, Stingray Tech, Ltd.

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