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Yes. Columbus is affordable. Even ranking the 15th largest city in the country, Columbus has managed to maintain a reasonable cost for urban living. No pretentious fluff here. It has made the top  10 Most Affordable Cities  list.



Big-city pressure?

No. Get noticed in Columbus. “Unlike major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, where professionals in the early to middle phases of their careers (ages 25 to 39) might feel overwhelmed or lost in the shuffle, most of these cities are small enough that enterprising people can really make their mark. But they’re still large enough to offer amenities—museums, parks, and in many cases vibrant downtowns–that make for a high quality of life. Most importantly, because these places offer affordable housing, residents enjoy the opportunity to spend their energy getting creative, starting a company, or simply enjoying time off, without the pressure-cooker professional environment and stressfully high housing costs that are the hallmark of many of the nation’s biggest job centers,” writes Forbes business reporter Erin Carlyle.



Celebrate life?

Yes. Columbus knows a good time. They’ll take just about any reason to throw a festival – or none at all. Check out the Doo Dah Parade, home of the world’s most satirical minds and creative costumes. Giant butter cow? That’s at the Ohio State Fair. Anime? MatsuriCon. Music and meat? Jazz & Rib Fest. Gaming? Origins Game Fair. Trends and tunes? Fashion Meets Music Festival. Culture? There’s the Columbus Oktoberfest, Dublin Irish Festival, Italian Festival, Greek Festival, and Asian Festival. Your heritage isn’t listed? That is alright, start one.




Um yes. Maybe you didn’t know The Ohio State University calls this place home. Aside from the unparalleled tailgating life, come to an OSU football game to experience the passion of scarlet and grey, as well as the all-brass and percussion marching band.

Oh, and the NHL Blue Jackets hangout around here, no big deal.



Creative space?

Yes. See below (list not exhausted).




Yes. How does 90 acres of outdoor green space, 400 plant species, 100 butterfly species, 800 feet of model railroad track, 7,000 panes of glass, a rain forest section, a replica of the Himalayas, a water garden, and a bonsai courtyard sound? Welcome to the Franklin Park Conservatory. If that’s not enough the Metro Parks have more than 200 miles of trails for all of your hiking, jogging, biking needs. Have you ever wanted to see a painting come to life through sculpted shrubbery? Us too. Luckily, Topiary Park exists, a creative landscape inspired by one of George Seurat’s famous paintings.



Bucket list?

Yes. We’ve got it covered. Cross off zip-lining.



Restaurant suggestions?

Glad you asked. With over 30 vendors, endless fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, baked goods, coffee, and flowers, North Market is a definite go-to. Harvest Pizzeria serves farm fresh and local foods, favorited by most all kale-chewers. Head to Thurman Café for massive burgers for massive appetities. Cloak & Dagger Dinner Theatre serves both mystery and comedy on their menu.





Does it make sense now? There is much more to this place than expected.

We’re proud to be a part of Columbus.


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