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You are Your Network

80 percent of all jobs are never advertised.


This statistic, according to, is very telling of how society works. The majority of open positions are filled through word-of-mouth sources such as friends, inside contacts.. and yes, through recruiters.

Ask yourself: “How do you invest in yourself?” Sure, there are monetary options available such as taking classes, joining a chamber/group, etc.  However, what is the best option that does not require money.. only your time? Networking.

By networking, you gain valuable connections. These valuable connections know more valuable connections, which may in turn just happen to know about an opening for your dream job.

Here at Emerald Resource Group, we are backed with 30+ years of valuable connections, and actively look to introduce candidates to their dream job. With connections around the country, we just might be that door you need to open.


Call us or send us your resume. Let us be your network.

Written by: Tim Hrich, Intern at Emerald Resource Group


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