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Junior Achievement Success!

Emerald in the Classroom

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On November 7th- Drew, Sharon, Alex and Kelly participated in a group, mock interview session with students from Rhodes High School. Focusing on interpersonal/soft skills, students took turns answering questions about their leadership skills, work ethic, and time management. Proper interview ethics were also reinforced- professional attire, handshakes, and request for business cards. Students were graded on overall participation and readiness. It was an enjoyable experience!

Dr. Hilliard,

Thought you might enjoy these snapshots of my Career Search class in mock job interviews.  Kelly Tonsetic of the Emerald Resource Group (IT recruitment firm) brought in co workers to interview my class.  They conducted group interviews with 3-4 students per interviewer.  In this format, students learned from each other by listening to their responses.  The interviewers also provided an individual critique also.  It was a great learning experience for the class and it was brought to us through our collaboration with Junior Achievement.

Thanks for encouraging this collaboration.

Ms. McCue