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Custom IT talent services on demand.

The Keys to Our Success

Here’s what sets Emerald Resource Group apart:

Access to talent

95% of our candidates are passive.

Accuracy and quality of fit

86% of our candidates exceed expectations, and 93% get converted to full time.

Screening methods

We take the consultative approach.

Customer experience

99% of hiring managers are satisfied.


We have more than 25 years of experience in identifying the right people.

Problem-solving ability

We find creative solutions to your unique challenges.

Range of services

Our services are tailor-made for your needs.

Specialty niche

We have deep experience in focused areas of information technology.


Our average time to hire is 27 days; our time-to-fill is 37 days.

Feedback From Satisfied Clients

Employers are raving about Emerald Resource Group.

Innovative IT Recruitment. Exponential Growth.

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