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The Next Stop… Cleveland?

When people think about the city of Cleveland, a few obvious thoughts come to mind. LeBron James, a burning river, Rock-N-Roll and the Republican Convention to name a few. However, it’s what people don’t know about Cleveland that makes Cleveland so unique:     An entrepreneurial mindset: According to mbacentral.org, Cleveland is one of the […]

You are Your Network

80 percent of all jobs are never advertised.   This statistic, according to Experience.com, is very telling of how society works. The majority of open positions are filled through word-of-mouth sources such as friends, inside contacts.. and yes, through recruiters. Ask yourself: “How do you invest in yourself?” Sure, there are monetary options available such […]

Enable Others To Act

  Leadership is centered on relationship.   Leaders would not be who they are if they did not have anyone to lead. They are aware they cannot do it alone. Investing in those who surround you is a crucial part of effective leadership and work life.   Creating culture within the work atmosphere involves commitment, […]