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The Next Stop… Cleveland?

When people think about the city of Cleveland, a few obvious thoughts come to mind. LeBron James, a burning river, Rock-N-Roll and the Republican Convention to name a few. However, it’s what people don’t know about Cleveland that makes Cleveland so unique:


  1.   An entrepreneurial mindset: According to, Cleveland is one of the top entrepreneurial cities in the world (34 to be exact!) Thanks to firms like North Coast Angel Fund, Jumpstart, and Akron Archangels, Northeast Ohio startups receive funding to kick-start their business.
  2.   Kent State is the most popular college in Northeast Ohio. Kent State was also just ranked in the top 100 national public universities by U.S News and World Report, making Cleveland even more attractive to bright and talented individuals.
  3.   According to, the Cleveland Browns are the most popular football jerseys bought. Given that the Browns have had one winning season in the last 13 years, the passion of Cleveland is almost unexplainable… however, you can feel the buzz everywhere you go!


Besides the cheap cost of living, the weather, and top suburbs in both the East and West side of town, Cleveland offers an opportunity that no other city can match. The best way to get introduced to a city like this is by starting with someone local!


With our headquarters in Cleveland, our team is actively involved in people and organizations throughout the city. We’re proud of our home!


For more about Cleveland, check out our section devoted to the city here:


Written by: Tim Hrich, Intern at Emerald Resource Group