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3 steps on how to improve your soft skills

Note: We do not get any form of payment if you choose to buy any books or courses recommended below. Our recommendations are purely based on what we believe to help IT professionals secure and grow their careers.

Now that you know the most important soft skills hiring managers look for in various IT positions, how can you continue to improve your soft skills?

There are 3 main ways to do so.

1. Be self aware

Perhaps the best way to improve your soft skills is to be aware of how you’re communicating and working with your team. A large factor in your career growth is your ability to be self aware. Pay attention to how you’re dealing with situations and ask yourself how you could have done a better job. This is where a mentor or a 360 performance review are helpful.

You can even do a weekly analysis of your job performance where you identify a problem or an encounter you came across over the week. And ask yourself, how would you grade yourself? What worked well? What could you have done better? What training would you seek out that you help you develop in this area?

2. Ask for feedback from a friend

You’re often your biggest critic, but it’s often hard to read the label while inside the box. Therefore, asking a trusted colleague their opinion on how you handle a certain situation is another constructive way to improve. This also shows your co-worker or manager you have the drive to get better.

3. Read!

Reading the targeted books is a great way to help you become more aware of your soft skills and a way to improve your soft skills. 

My two favorite books on improving soft skills are as follows: