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What sets a great network / system engineer apart from their colleagues

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Can you think of a time when you worked with someone that was a rock star at their job? What made them so fun to work with? Was it the smile they brought to work everyday? Was it their in-depth knowledge of their job? Was it their ability to always have a solution to a problem? Was it their ability to communicate with anyone in the company? Oftentimes, the best coworkers are the ones that build their peers up and are open minded. Those types of employees are the ones that managers consistently choose when it comes time for promotions or a higher level position within the company. Here are some of the things that the best network / system engineers do that set them apart from their colleagues.

1. Automate processes to save your coworkers’ time

The biggest goal of any team of network engineers and system administrators is to keep the network up and running 24/7. A company expects almost constant up time in order for their business to run as efficiently as possible. In order to impress your boss and colleagues, I recommend developing automated and reliable solutions for network maintenance and monitoring. So that if there is a network outage or issue, you have developed automated solutions that decrease the amount of people and time that your coworkers have to devote during off hours. Your coworker will appreciate the ability to not have to run into the office on a Saturday evening to fix a network issue. 

2. Be a business minded IT professional

The best employees in any department, especially IT, are the ones that think big picture. One way to do that as a network engineer is to constantly be thinking about what IT infrastructure solutions are the most cost effective for the type and size of the organization you work at. A manager at a global fortune 500 company has stressed to me that the IT professionals that get chosen for promotions are the ones that have the ability to convey the cost-benefit analysis of IT solutions to management. They look for someone that is doing their technical duties exceptionally, but is also creative and looking for better ways to run the business. Business and work is more collaborative than it has ever been and the stand out employees are the ones that think inter departmentally.

3. Little things go a long way

As I just said above, work is more collaborative and interdepartmental than ever before. That is why it is essential to have well developed soft skills. Little things go a long way impressing your coworkers and your boss. Hiring managers want people that can show empathy and understanding towards their colleagues. Not everyone is on their A game at work 24/7, humans are humans and make mistakes. But, if you are someone that can be the one to immediately be there to offer solutions with a calm, understanding demeanor, your coworkers will love working with you. They will see you as the one that is always there to help. What I have seen in 30 years of being in the IT recruiting industry is that the more people I help, the more good things happen to me. By having that frame of mind in your professional career, you will be pleasantly surprised at things that come your way.

Be the best

Time and time again in my career, I have seen that the candidates that hiring managers desire most are those that show empathy and compassion towards their peers, think broadly about how their work fits into the business, and those that help their colleagues work more efficiently. These traits make the IT department, network, and company more smoothly.

If you consider yourself open minded and want to learn about what exciting and exclusive opportunities we are currently working in the IT infrastructure space, please reach out to me! I want to help you succeed in any way I can.

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