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All Comes Down to the ‘Bottom Line’

If everyone could just cut to the chase– life would be a lot simpler and direct, wouldn’t it? We wouldn’t be left with ‘maybes’ and ‘what if’s’.

On the hiring side, we coach our clients to ASK questions with a purpose.  It’s the same for our candidates.

  • Achieve
  • Significant
  • Knowledge

Clients- what do you truly need to know in order to hire the candidate?  Candidates- what do you need to know, in order to leave your current role for this opportunity? Ask questions to achieve significant knowledge.

A recent LinkedIn article, highlights the power of asking compelling questions. Here’s an excerpt:

What one skill do you possess that will most benefit our bottom line?

Right off the bat you find out if the candidate knows anything about your company. (It’s hard to say how you will benefit the bottom line when you don’t understand what truly drives value for a particular company.) More importantly you begin to get to the heart of the value the employee will provide — and whether his or her strengths truly meet your needs.

Give me an example.

What happens when a department manager feels you’re trying to give him what you want instead of what he needs. Has that ever happened to you?

Ask one question that serves as the trunk of a huge tree and that allows you to branch off in a number of different directions. 

Then have a conversation. Listen. Then ask why. Or when. Or how a situation turned out. Or who actually did what. Or what made a success difficult to achieve, or what was learned from a failure.


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Written By:  Kelly Tonsetic, Emerald Resource Group