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Next Time You Quit Your Job – Ask for a Raise First

There are a multitude of reasons to leave a job:

  • It’s not a challenge
  • It’s a toxic culture
  • Your boss is a sociopath

Compensation can be a good reason too. As a search consultant in the technical field I frequently run into people that are reasonably happy in their career situation, but feel unappreciated because of their salary.

This situation exists at all levels of employment and across all domains of expertise.

If you are a skilled professional that won’t struggle to find new opportunities, and you make the decision tender your resignation; expect to get a counter offer. Expect your current employer to promote you, give you more money, and to sing you glorious songs of praise. This is reality, and smart organizations will do whatever they can to keep you on board – for long enough to find a suitable replacement anyway.

If your motivation to consider leaving is about the money or your position; ask for a raise or a promotion. Do so tactfully and without threatening to leave and see what happens – You might get what you ask for! Before you make the request set a reasonable and personal deadline for an expected response. Submit your resignation if the deadline is not met.

When you resign you’ll get a counter-offer in an effort to convince you to stay, and you will know the truth: you have to threaten to leave to get what you deserve. They will tell you that the timing just wasn’t right when you asked 30 days ago, but now it is.

Ask yourself if you believe it; and if you’re smart: get angry. Don’t blow a gasket until you are alone in your car of course, but you get the point. You’ve asked in a straightforward & professional manner to be reasonably compensated for your efforts. Now you know that your decision to leave for greener pastures is the right one.

Written by Ryan Pinney- Practice Lead/IT Recruiter, North Carolina