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Model The Way


“Titles are granted, but it’s your behavior that earns you respect.”


The age-old maxim of not just talking the talk but walking the walk is actually true – our coworkers notice it. In order to set a high standard in the office, we must follow it ourselves.


Our words, choices, and actions must be consistent. This is only possible once values have been clarified. Remember – leaders represent not only themselves, but their constituents as well. These principles, or values, have been agreed upon by everyone and communicated clearly. When was the last time you read your company’s mission statement?


As a leader it seems people are always watching. This can be a real challenge. Setting the example is all the more essential. Here are a few ways to keep in check:

– Make sure your meetings, emails, interviews, and other ways you spend your time reflect what you say is important.
– Keep your commitments; follow through on your promises.
– Repeat phrases that evoke the feelings you want to create in the office. Are they in line with the mission statement?
– Ask for feedback. How do your actions affect them?
– Acknowledge those in the office who do model exemplary behavior.
– Reinforce the attitudes, choices, behaviors you want repeated.


All of these ideas are taken from The Leadership Challenge written by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Poszner, Copyright © 2012. Emerald Resource Group does not claim any rights to this work.

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