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Inspire A Shared Vision



Effective leaders are the pioneers of our time, searching for new opportunities and looking to the future.


This priority of focusing on the future often distinguishes good leaders from ineffective ones. Yet these forward-thinking leaders cannot trail blaze by themselves – it can be easy to lose sight of where the company is headed.  Founding principles and values of a company can slowly begin to erode without caution and a shared vision.


Why a shared vision?  Because with the leader, comes the whole crew.  It expresses to others how their values and interests will be served by a long-term focus on the future. With a reciprocal goal, the day-to-day work is naturally more compelling, a higher level of motivation is sustained, and ultimately more challenges are met. This might seem like a basic principle in becoming an effective leader, but would we be ready to iterate our company’s values if asked?  When was the last time someone verbally expressed or reinforced the company’s shared vision?


So what is your vision/ the company’s vision?


Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the main message?
  • What are the values?
  • What are the patterns in ideas or themes?
  • What do you most want people to envision every time they think about the future?


What are some ways that you can maintain the vision of your company?


Make it known, make it seen.  It is valuable  to rejuvenate and remind everyone involved of what they are here for.  The more personal, the better.

  • Staff lunch
  • Staff meeting
  • Talk about the company vision in conversation
  • Read the vision statement at the end-of-the-year review, and discuss.
  • Leave a copy on everyone’s desk
  • Email
  • Tape a copy to the staff fridge
  • Incorporate core values/ key phrases into office art


“Improvement comes when you engage in conscious introspection. This requires you to reflect on your past, attend to the present, prospect the future, and feel your passion.”




All of these ideas are taken from The Leadership Challenge written by Kouzes and Poszner, Copyright © 2012. Emerald Resource Group does not claim any rights to this work.