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Challenge The Process


“Challenge is the opportunity for greatness…there is a clear connection between challenge and change.”


Same-old same-old:

There can be value to times of constancy. However, when “same-old same-old” becomes the theme song for the office, it’s time to take a step back. Getting out of the same-old routine and off the same-old path means taking a new perspective, a much more exciting one. Shake off the dust, put your head up and look around. Search for ways to challenge the process to bring in new motivation and inspiration.



Get the wheels turning:

Our brains are evolved for efficiency, so continually our neurons like to take the same routes and create shortcuts to save energy. What does this say about our creativity? How do we get to the point of idea generation? With intentional focus, persistence, and collaboration, the paths of preexisting views can be become the road less traveled and our brains can begin to recategorize information.


Jumpstart the brain for idea generation:

  • Use your opposite hand to perform tasks, such as carry a bag, opening the door, or write a few words.
  • Move in an unfamiliar way. This paves new neuronal pathways in our brains. Give salsa dancing a try!
  • Eat healthy, nutritious foods.
  • Stay hydrated.


Look for outsight:

Not all good ideas are new ideas. According to a global study of CEOs, two of the three most significant sources of innovative ideas are actually outside the organization.1 “For example, P&G has moved from an internal to an external focus when it comes to looking for innovations. These days more than one-third to one-half of their new products have elements that originated from outside the company or have key elements that were discovered externally. “


Generate small wins:

 Just as the science world understands that major breakthroughs are the result of years of work of hundreds of researches, so too, it takes many small steps to add up to progress.

Stretch the old idea-muscles, break down the task, set short-term goals, and challenge the process.






1 – IBM, Expanding the Innovation Horizons: The Global CEO Study 2006 (Somers, NY: IBM Global Services, 2006).

These ideas are taken from The Leadership Challenge written by Kouzes and Poszner, Copyright © 2012. Emerald Resource Group does not claim any rights to this work.