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From Chaos to Success: How We Helped a FinTech Company Hire Top CIO


As a specialized IT recruiting company, we recently partnered with a fast-growing FinTech company to help them find the right CIO to lead their technology strategy and drive their ambitious growth. The FinTech company had already experienced impressive growth, but they realized they needed a leader with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the industry to help them achieve their long-term goals and stay ahead of the competition in the fast-paced FinTech landscape.


The company was facing several challenges in the recruitment process.

First, the FinTech industry is highly competitive, and they needed to find a candidate with expertise to help the company stand out, and with experience in ensuring security and compliance and managing a vast amount of data to drive business growth.

Second, the position required a strong strategic vision for technology and the ability to manage a team of technical professionals.

Finally, they needed to find a candidate who fit within the company’s culture and shared its core values.


To address these challenges, we began by getting a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, including the CIO’s role and responsibilities, technical skills, leadership qualities, and cultural fit.

We started by creating a job description that accurately reflected the company’s needs and values.

We utilized our extensive network of industry professionals and conducted a thorough screening process that included assessments, background checks, and interviews to find the right candidate.

We presented the shortlisted candidates to the client, providing detailed information and collecting their feedback. We then coordinated interviews in a seamless and efficient way and finally, after the client selected the final candidate, we facilitated the hiring process, ensuring all the documentation was in order and that the new CIO has a smooth transition into the new role.


After an extensive search, we found the perfect candidate for the role. The candidate was a seasoned CIO with a track record of success in the fast-paced FinTech industry. He had experience leading teams of technical professionals and had a clear strategic vision for the company’s technology. He also possessed the right mix of experience with emerging technologies (AI, blockchain and cloud computing), financial acumen and leadership skills. Most importantly, he shared the company’s values and fit well within the company culture.


With the new CIO in place, the FinTech company experienced significant growth and was able to expand its reach into new markets. The CIO led a strategic overhaul of the company’s technology infrastructure, resulting in improved efficiency and faster time-to-market for new products. The company also experienced a boost in employee morale and engagement due to the CIO’s emphasis on open communication and collaboration.


Steve, the CEO, said “What truly set Emerald Resource Group apart was their expertise as specialists in Information Technology recruitment. Unlike larger search firms that catered to multiple industries, Emerald Resource Group focused solely on IT recruitment. They had a team of experienced recruiters with a deep understanding of the IT landscape, the latest trends, and the skills required for success in the industry. This expertise allowed them to identify the best-fit candidates for the CIO position, who possessed the right technical skills, leadership qualities, and cultural fit for our company.”


Through our targeted approach to recruitment, we were able to help the FinTech company find the right leader to drive growth and success. The company’s investment in a top CIO paid off, and we are proud to have played a role in the company’s success.



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