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Career Transformation: A Journey from DBA to IT Senior Director with Emerald Resource Group’s Support


Marty was seeking a more fulfilling and challenging IT role when Emerald Resource Group reached out to him. He had been working as a Data Base Administrator (DBA) for many years, but he wasn’t feeling challenged, rewarded, or making the impact he desired in his role. Our team recognized Marty’s potential and played a key role in his transition to a Technical Lead Data Base Administrator role. Over the years, Marty’s skills and experience continued to grow, leading him to his current position as an IT Senior Director – Supply Chain.


Even though he felt like he was no longer being challenged in his role, Marty had a stable and secure IT position at his previous company, he was not actively looking for a new job and hadn’t even put together a resume. He was unsure about how to progress in his career and did not have a clear idea of what his next role could be.

It was up to Emerald Resource Group to convince him to keep his career options open and explore the possibility of a better opportunity by demonstrating our genuine interest in his career goals and our professionalism.


Our team diligently searched for IT opportunities that aligned with Marty’s skills, experience, and aspirations. We went above and beyond to understand his preferences and requirements and used our in-depth knowledge of the IT job market in the Cleveland area to find the perfect opportunity. After careful evaluation and screening, we found a Technical Lead Data Base Administrator role that exceeded his expectations. The new role offered everything he was looking for and more – it challenged him intellectually, allowed him to make a real impact, and offered ample room for growth and advancement.


Marty’s transition to the Technical Lead Data Base Administrator role marked the start of his career transformation. He embraced the new role with enthusiasm and quickly proved his value to the company with his innovative ideas and technical expertise. He introduced cutting-edge technologies that made the company more profitable and effective. His contributions were recognized, and he grew both professionally and personally in his role. Over time, Marty continued to progress in his career and eventually became the IT Senior Director – Supply Chain Systems. He now oversees a team of IT professionals and is responsible for driving the company’s supply chain strategy.


Even after two decades, Marty continues to refer candidates to Emerald Resource Group and recommends our IT recruitment and contracting services to IT hiring managers within his company. He values the strong relationship he has built with the team at Emerald Resource Group and appreciates our unwavering support in his career journey. Marty’s success story is a testament to our commitment to empowering candidates and helping them achieve their career goals.


“Without their help, I would not have been able to make the career transformation that I did. They understood my goals, provided me with access to opportunities that exceeded my expectations, and supported me throughout my career journey. I am grateful for their unwavering support and would recommend them to anyone looking to make a positive change in their career.” – Marty


Emerald Resource Group’s personalized approach, positive influencing tone, and deep understanding of the IT job market were instrumental in helping Marty find a fulfilling and challenging opportunity that transformed his career. His success story is a testament to the long-term impact that Emerald Resource Group’s expertise can have on candidates and the companies they join.



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